Home Ministry to decide on the PPP’s petition against Cynthia Richie

SLAMABAD(Jt news) The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed the Home Ministry to decide on the PPP’s petition against Cynthia Richie, saying that the Home Ministry should decide the petition keeping in view the law. A copy of the petition was filed in the court.

Pakistan Peoples Party’s petition was heard by Chief Justice Athar Minallah. The Pakistan Peoples Party had filed a petition for deportation of Cynthia Richie on the expiry of her visa. Appeared before the court. Deputy Attorney General Tayyab Shah said Cynthia de Richie’s business visa expired on March 2.

The government extended the foreigners’ visas because of Corona. The deputy attorney general said Cynthia had applied for a visa extension, which is still pending. The Chief Justice said that what does the law say about the person whose visa has expired. The Chief Justice inquired from the Joint Secretary Home that there would be some rules and regulations.

What is the Code of Conduct? The court expressed frustration over the ignorance of the Joint Secretary regarding the Code of Conduct. The Chief Justice remarked that it seems that you are not fully prepared or you do not have any information. The Joint Secretary of Home Affairs stated before the court that there are 16 categories of visas, 96 countries are listed, they are called business friendly.

The Chief Justice said, “What is the number of those whose visas have expired?” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Chief Justice said that you do not know how you are talking, how do you monitor what is the mechanism.

The Joint Secretary of Home Affairs said that the online system is telling. The Chief Justice said, “Are you saying that the state has no data on what is coming?” The Joint Secretary said, “If anyone violates the law, the FIA ??can take action.” The Chief Justice said, “Can anyone who has come here on a business visa get a job?” The visa has not been extended and you have no law. Latif Khosa said that even today Cynthia asked Bilawal to rent DNA. The court issued instructions to the Home Ministry and adjourned further hearing of the case till Friday.

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