Lahore Grammar School harassment, an other 2 teachers sacked

After the charter and off-demand presented to the school director by the former and current students of Lahore Grammar School 1A1, 2 more members of the school staff were suspended.

According to the Dawn newspaper, the others who were suspended included main accused Maira Umair Rana and Rubina Shakeel, who were suspended for ignoring harassment complaints.

A June 30 report in Dawn led to allegations of harassment on campus by more female students on social media.

The Charter of Demand was drafted this week in response to sexual harassment on social media, with current and former students calling for complete reform of the school’s sexual harassment issue, which the director accepted.

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A spokeswoman said: “Miss Nighat Ali said that many of the demands have already been implemented in the school while others have been agreed upon and will be implemented soon in the coming days.”

The correspondent added that “complete change will take time but the school listened to our complaints in a friendly manner”.

Earlier, teachers involved in harassment of female students were suspended and an inquiry committee comprising senior members of Lahore Grammar School and former female students headed by Miss Nighat Ali was formed to look into the matter.

The students’ demands also included the creation of a grievance and counseling mechanism for harassed students.

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In this regard, the students suggested to fill up a form to explain the details of the complaint so that the students can fill up the form themselves without involving their parents while maintaining their confidentiality.

A representative of the alumni said, “We have asked them to post the anti-harassment policy on prominent places like website etc. while all the teachers and faculty members should be trained and booklets should be available in this regard.” Should’.

The second Job Women Action Forum Lahore finally broke its silence and expressed its ‘concern’ over the allegations of harassment and at the same time appreciated the courage and confidence of the students who complained of sexual Lahore Grammar School harassment an other 2 teachers sacked
It may be recalled that last week, allegations of sexual harassment against teachers by female students of Lahore Grammar School, a major educational institution in Lahore, surfaced on social media.

After which, the LG AC 1A1 branch in Ghalib Market area of Lahore Grammar School had sacked 4 teachers on the charge of sexually harassing 8 female students and sending obscene pictures to them.

Screen shots of private photos of one of the teachers accused by the students were also shared and he was teaching students school debates and politics.

According to reports, he has been sending such pictures and text messages to young girls for almost 4 years and has been accused by students from almost every branch of the school.

Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari also took notice after receiving such complaints from one student after another on social media.

On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar had directed the CCPO Lahore to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incidents of harassment.

Similarly, the Lahore District Education Authority had formed an inquiry committee to probe allegations of harassment against teachers by several female students of a private school.

In addition, provincial education minister Murad Rass assured that the case would be brought to a formal conclusion under the law.

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