first time in Kuwait,Eight women have been nominated as judges

Kuwait ( From, Khurram Shahzad)

The historic Progressive has won for the first time after lobbying the workers, but the Conservatives have continued to condemn it on strict religious grounds and not one of them has been heard. For the first time in Kuwait’s history Eight women have been nominated as judges. The move has been strongly opposed by men and the move is not being welcomed. Here are the names of the women who have been nominated as judges. Fatima Al-Saghir, Fatima Al-Kandari, Sanabil Al-Hoti, Fatima Al-Farhan, Bashair Shah, Bashair Al-Raqdahan, Rawat Al-Tabtabi, and Lulu Ghanim.

It is said that this is a historic step in which eight women have been approved to become judges, but not everyone is welcoming this step. Kuwait’s attorney general, Derar al-Susussi, has approved the names of the judges. However, the names are awaiting final approval from the Supreme Judicial Council. National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali al-Ghanem said Kuwaiti women were entitled to a judicial platform and that after a long wait, it was time for the judges’ names to be approved. The move is a step towards the rights of Kuwaiti women.

Workers have also hailed the move as a long-awaited victory after years of lobbying. “When we look at Arab countries, we know that women judges have played a very positive, important role in advancing the judiciary,” said Athar al-Rifai, a Kuwaiti advocate, female lawyer and social rights activist. The recent development in the country began when 20 women prosecutors were appointed. According to a Member of Parliament, and as an Executive Minister,Kuwaiti women are on an unwavering path to participate in the judiciary. We have been waiting for this decision for a long time.

The country’s most conservative hardliners are outraged, however, and strongly oppose the appointment on religious grounds. Salafi Bloc Secretary General Muhammad Hafeef condemned the move, saying the judiciary is a common mandate that can only be assumed by men. He tweeted that the appointment of women in the judiciary “does not suit the constitution or nature of women, nor does it conform to the correct Shari’a.”

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