A lonely bar girl committed suicide,reason lock down

LONDON (JT News) – A lonely bar girl was found dead in her apartment after a lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic. According to police, the woman ended her life with her own hands. The dead body of 24-year-old bar girl Daniel Finlay was reportedly found in the Crew area of ​​Cheshire.

The door to Bar girl Finlay’s room was not locked. When her neighbor saw her body in the room, she called police. Police arrived at the scene and, after assessing the situation, declared her a suicide in the initial investigation. Police also recorded statements from colleagues and neighbors on Daniel Finlay’s death.

out side scene of the bar where she had benn

Friends told the police that Finlay was very lonely after the bar and pub closed and she was lying in her apartment. Some friends told the police that she was also facing financial problems. According to police sources, Finlay’s death is not considered suspicious after the statements.

before Covid 19 bazar is full of busy

It is unlikely that she was killed. According to Finlay’s medical report, she was in a state of extreme mental anguish and was intoxicated. She died at the same time. Five thousand pounds have been collected for the last rites of which his last rites will be performed.

Outside her room, well-wishers also recorded messages based on their feelings. According to friends, Daniel Finlay was a very funny and very good friend. A friend wrote that she was only 24 years old but she was very self-conscious. Proved great, she was the best friend and came in handy in every difficult time.
Bar girl

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