girls were not barred from choosing a STEM

New york( jt news) New York University research has revealed that girls were not barred from choosing a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career. So why are girls ashamed of them? A recent study found that girls are four times less likely to choose math subjects than boys, despite having a “higher degree” in school.

Educators want parents to attract their daughters to math and science. Parents are asked to attract their daughters to math. According to experts, when children are young, we cool boys. When he says he is “the best” at anything, but if a girl says the same thing, she is told not to be arrogant.

Instead, if the boys are good and kind, then this myth is praised and appreciated. When these things are instilled in the minds of children from an early age, girls are afraid of accept future challenges and the majority of girls around the world suffer from it.

According to education experts, girls should experience a more equal life. And when it comes to qualifications, parents should appreciate it. There is no reason why her gender should be allowed to remain the same and not be appreciated. Recent research shows that the problem is stereotypes in society, not girls’ abilities.

According to New York University research, women are not as good at STEM science, technology, engineering and mathematics as men, while boys are not as good at these subjects. Has the upper hand. Students are told from an early age that men’s brains are better suited for careers in science and math and that they are better at these subjects.

New York University research says girls are reassured that they are caring and creative are more suitable in tasks. However, this is rubbish. According to research, surprisingly, girls are more likely to accept gender stereotypes.

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