alia bhutt celebrates neto kapoor’s birthday 8 july

New Delhi (JT News) Alia Bhatt made Wednesday a day of warmth and compassion for Neto Kapoor. Alia Bhatt has congratulated Neto as she is going to make her son Ranbir Kapoor her future life partner and the two have also arranged a meeting in this regard. Alia wrote for Neto that she loves you very much. Remember that Neto’s birthday is being celebrated on July 8, but this time Neto is very sad about the death of her husband Rishi Kapoor.

On the occasion of Neto Kapoor’s birthday, Redhima shared a photo of her mother’s birthday dinner and wrote that dinner was ready for her mother’s birthday. Radhima is a jewelery designer in Delhi. After Rishi Kapoor’s death, Alia Bhatt was seen with her son Ranbir Kapoor. She also attended the last rites with Ranbir Kapoor and was part of the celebrations held in Rishi Kapoor’s memory. When Rishi Kapoor was in New York for treatment, Alia Bhatt often went there to see him. Thus Ranbir and the shadows of love grew in him. Actress Alia Bhatt also attended the wedding reception of Ranbir Kapoor and her mother Neto Kapoor with her cousins ​​Arman Jain and Anisa Malhotra earlier this year.

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