In London, the young lady’s car caught fire, she fell from the bridge and died

LONDON (JT News) – A woman’s car caught fire on the motorway outside London. To save herself, the woman jumped out of a moving vehicle. The hungry woman suddenly fell down from the bridge and went to her death. Before she died, the woman kept crying out for help. Azra Akmal, a 24-year-old London resident, was on her way out of town when her car caught fire due to extreme heat.

ton bridge image

The incident took place at 2:02 p.m. When Kent police arrived at the scene, they found the woman’s charred car dead. The community, including relatives of the deceased, plans to pay homage to the woman and make a memorial to her. A friend of the late Azra posted that her beautiful friend Azra suddenly left all her friends crying. The fire broke out at Tin Bridge while vehicles remained in line for more than three hours due to emergency measures at the scene.

A Kent Police spokesman said no suspicious circumstances were found around the body of the woman who fell from the bridge on A21. The investigation team expressed satisfaction that the woman’s death was accidental and not a prelude to any murder or incident. Police have prepared a preliminary report of the incident. According to the report, Azra Akmal was killed in a head-on collision with the ground and lost her life immediately. Police have requested locals to share footage of the accident with the police if they have any. ۔
The girl died

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