still shut down, injustice to the artist community and economic murder

Lahore (JT News) Leading actors of Pakistani theater have demanded from the Pakistani government that not opening theaters despite significant reduction in Code 19 would be tantamount to gross injustice to the artist community and economic murder. The female artists said that theaters in Pakistan have been closed for the last five months due to Corona, due to which the artists have been forced to go on hunger strike. Shooting of dramas and films has also been canceled.

The artists demanded that various departments, including wedding halls, educational institutions and entertainment centers, be reopened under immediate SOPs so that the livelihoods of artisans and artists could be reopened. Due to the closure of theaters, stage plays and theaters are not taking place in different cities of the country, due to which the artists and other staff of the said sector are facing financial difficulties due to unemployment and the government has not provided any financial assistance to these people. Aid has also not been provided. Leading actress Alia Chaudhry has also been forced to live in slums while many other artists are facing starvation.

According to the protesters, they can only protest and even if they do, they are being accused of being against the PTI government. Rejecting the anti-government impression, the female artists said that many people are seeking financial help. Looking at the artists but they don’t know that all the showbiz people are starving themselves now. In hunger, sometimes a person does things that are considered a sin. The government should also consider this aspect. He said that if comparisons are made between theater and Pakistani drama, it is no longer the same thing. And then further drowned due to Corona epidemic because at that time no sector of Pakistan remained as before.

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