Bank defaulter Katie Price told the court she had lost everything today

LONDON (JT News) – Bank defaulter Katie Price told the court on Tuesday that she had lost everything in bankruptcy today. She had to make the statement just a week after his son Harvey was taken to hospital. Katie, 42, has a net worth of 45 million.She told the court that her current assets included a car, a horse and a pony.

Katie was declared bankrupt in November last year after failing to repay her sprawling loans. Katie told the court that she had to pay 12 million a month to her creditors, leaving her destitute. Katie’s ex-husband Alex Reid, a 45-year-old former cage fighter, was also present at the court hearing. Katie told the court she was living in a rented house. Katie was charged in court with making an average of 45 million over the past six months.

Katie said that after the bankrupt, everything was taken away from her. Katie recorded her statement through Skype in the court. Star’s representative lawyer said that his client has been suffering from mental abuse for the last three years. The house was shattered by the floods and “a lot of things were washed away.” The court asked Katie if she had any gold jewelry,she said everything had been taken away from her. Stole everything from.

She claimed that many of her jewelry had been stolen and that she did not have home insurance. Judge Catherine Burton adjourned the hearing until October 27. Katie was called to the West Sussex dial post after being declared bankrupt last year. Real estate star Katie’s biggest fear right now is her son’s life.

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