Manchester (JT News) English Bowling Association has banned women from wearing shorts in some county and national matches after receiving complaints. Following the ruling, the English Bowling Federation has become embroiled in sexism. A law passed at a meeting of Britain’s oldest national bowling body has not been fully implemented. When it comes to women, no matter how developed a society may be, it has faced problems in such a scenario.

As a result, the player’s attention was diverted from the game to the incident and his performance was adversely affected. According to the ban, women players can only wear trousers or long skirts and are not allowed to wear shorts. The decision of theEnglish organization is being severely criticized. Due to the controversial move, some female players were reported to have been found to be involved in sexism. Sexism during the Olympics is often discussed. There is debate.

On the other hand, when the ban was announced, a female athlete strongly criticized it, calling it an ancient debate and saying that it has been proved that only men have the right to shorts and it is a discriminatory act. “Of course, women should be allowed to wear shorts to play bowling,” Roy Otham, secretary of the Castle Camp Bowling Club in Cambridgeshire, told a local newspaper.

He added: “I don’t see any reason to treat women and men separately. The ban is a big mistake. However, the English Women’s Bowling Federation (EWBF) has denied any allegations of sexual harassment. Carol Swan, national president of the EWBF, said the change in clothing restrictions was recommended by a federation through a movement at its local club.

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