Lady doctor, a sexologist, murdered in a five-star hotel in Moscow

MOSCOW (JTNews) – A 26-year-old female sexologist has been brutally murdered in a five-star hotel. Her body was found naked in a room. CCTV has revealed that a suspicious person left her room. The woman was found dead in a five-star hotel in Moscow. Her wishers used to give her very valuable gifts.

Local police visited the spot on a tip-off from the hotel management. According to the investigating officer, a well-known sexologist has been killed. Samples have been seized. Trace a stranger in a hotel room with Anna.Police is trying to catch him. It has been said that there is no shortage of fans for Anna. According to the hotel management, eight hours had passed since the woman died and it was found out that she was lying dead in her room.

Anna was also a very capable doctor and psychologist. She had 370,000 followers on social media. Anna was a sexologist specializing in the sexual stability of human beings. She had specific knowledge and skills in her field. She studied people’s sexual behavior, feelings and interactions, then treated and helped them. It was an art to solve any problem through sexual experiences and to improve the life of the patient.

Law enforcement sources said action would be taken according to the post-mortem report to find out the cause of Anna’s death. Anna was found in possession of some pills which were not prescribed by any doctor. Pills have been sent to the laboratory for analysis. According to reports, after her marriage to businessman Ruslan, Anna had contacts with several businessmen who gave her their valuable cars and property as gifts.

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