Maisie Smith 19, caught smoking spliff in a car

LONDON (JT News) – 19-year-old tv-star Maisie Smith was caught by the media smoking spliff in a car. Maisie was smoking a Caribbean-mixed cigarette in a roll-up paper when a cup was seized. Driving while intoxicated in the UK carries a minimum one-year driving ban, unlimited fines and up to six months in prison.

Despite this, many people associated with the showbiz, even if they are young, are often seen smoking spliff. As soon as they are seen patrolling by the police, the spliffs are thrown away so that there is no evidence.Maisie was caught enjoying the spliff. Meanwhile, as soon as she saw the police car from a distance, she threw the spliff and left. Maisie exclusive photos from the local media have shown her smoking spliff while its strong smell was also felt around.

Maisie started her career as a child star in the 2008 TV series. According to an eyewitness, the window of Maisie’s car smelled of Caribbean. Macy spent 40 minutes in her car at 3:30 pm. Macy lives with her parents and sister Scarlett in West Cliff on Sea.

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