Strip dancers started outside the clubs,called it drive-through strip dance

Virginia (JT News) Lockdown has begun to ease around the world, including in the United States, but so far the closure of wedding halls, cinema halls and clubs has left millions of people in those industries hungry and destitute. Some have committed suicide while some have been paid by governments and are now extinct. Clubs and pubs have not been allowed to open in any developed country, leaving club owners exhausted.

Out of all these industries, strip dancer girls have been most affected by the covid-19 Lockdown.Because they have not received any financial support from any country. If a strip dancer club does not come, the owner of the club cannot question it. Under these SOPs, strip dancer girls across the United States and Europe became severely unemployed. These are girls who can’t do anything else like lawyers and doctors.

Disappointed by the situation, American strip dancers bravely started their own business outside the clubs and called it drive-through strip dance. Virginia strip dancers have teamed up outside their clubs and started open strip dancing with their thras and sticks, and this is not open to the public because it violates social distance also police can intervene.

That’s why as soon as a person passes by the club in a car and throws a coin at the strip dancer, the dancer moves to the music. The customer watches the dance in the car and then moves on when the music stops according to the price. The police have taken a stand that the social distance is not being violated so they are unable to stop the process. Because the law does not allow it. Dancer girls can only be blamed for having more than one or not keeping social distance from the customer.

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