Men who died with Corona left their widows drunkun getting off sorrow

London/Newyork ( JT News) – The ongoing global lockdown due to Covid 19 has had the most profound effect on the British and American people. The majority of widows of men who have died of this deadly disease have started drinking to grieve. The coronavirus has caused sudden changes in the way people in the UK think and live. In addition to widows in recent days, women who have given up alcohol but have been affected by the virus have been most affected. The death of partner and loneliness combined to make them mentally very weak and they have started drinking again to control it. Among them are women for whom doctors had declared alcohol poisoning. Circumstances made these women so helpless that they held bottle in their hands again.

The situation is similar in other developed countries, including the United States. In this regard, a large number of American women have said in a very sad state that they had given up alcohol for many years and loved their husbands very much. But Corona has made them a drinker again to cope with the epidemic, their husband’s death and quarantine at home, quitting social activities and loneliness. They want to be two. The women are so frightened of Corona and that they have to resort to alcohol.Women stay home with drinking and trying to cope with the loss oft heir husband.

According to women, their days are long and stressful. Meanwhile, some women admitted that they have started making their favorite alcohol a drink again. The women also said that they are gaining weight while sitting at home, going out is like going to the brink of death. That is why they have resorted to alcohol to control their weight and cholesterol. Women say that if they become addicted, they will not only have great difficulty in quitting alcohol when the lockdown ends, but also The household budget will also be severely affected.

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