Nikki Bella revealed horrifying that she was sexually harassed twice as a teenager

NEW YORK (JT News) – WWE superstar Nikki Bella has revealed in her new memoir, horrifying and embarrassing, that she was sexually harassed twice as a teenager when she was an idiot. And shared her memories with her loved ones, calling it a painful past. Nikki Bellane said she was in high school only 15 years old when she was first sexually assaulted by a friend she considered close to her.

Nikki Bella said that after the incident, she kept quiet to avoid scandal. I was addicted and he forced me to have sex. Nikki Bella lamented that living in the moment was a horrible crime, and then the embarrassment and blame that felt so much worse than the real pain. “It’s so easy to feel ashamed instead of angry,” said Nikki Bella.

I could have stopped her on my own but I was a child at that time, I couldn’t do that. “When it happened to me, I immediately. Feeling ashamed and blaming myself and that’s why I kept it a secret but slowly I started to lose my confidence. Nikki Bella said that she is very sympathetic to the young girls who are facing the same problems today or they are being sexually harassed by cheating.

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