Monica and Bill Clinton had safe sex,a new trend growing in the US is harmful

LOS ANGELES (JT News) – Girls in the United States are dying of fear of the corona virus, although its severity has decreased, but according to a recent report in a local newspaper, college and university students are extremely cautious about sex. The sex life of working women has declined significantly, but these days the Monica and Clinton safe sex scandal is gaining notoriety.

In various debates and surveys, the question is being asked whether oral sex is a safe way in the changing situation after the global epidemic. According to the report, the majority of women consider oral sex to be safe and urge people to abstain from sex. Of According to the report of the newspaper, young girls and boys are beginning to consider this process as short and a good source of love. According to the girls, there is no risk of getting pregnant and it is safer.

When the girls were asked about it, they mostly referred to Bill Clinton and Monica and said that when the scandal became public in 1998, Monica admitted that she and President Clinton had sex eight times in the White House and that it was oral sex. There is no proof of this. According to the report of the newspaper, this method is also harmful in a sense because it carries a higher risk of spreading other diseases than corona.

According to the report, there is a need to raise awareness among women that contraceptives and condoms are unreliable, but this does not mean that oral sex should be promoted. According to the report, a large number of girls after the corona virus are themselves. She seems serious about keeping her virginity but it is not appropriate to leave her boyfriend either. Maybe that is why she is making her boyfriend accustomed to this practice.

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