Women who swim have been protected from the corona virus,doctor say

South Africa ( JT News)Women who swim in swimming pools have been protected from the corona virus. According to the latest statistics, the health of 4 billion women worldwide has been severely affected by the coronavirus. In some countries, women are still victims of lockdown and are locked in their homes.

Due to severe medical problems, the most common of these problems was toothache, for which doctors are rare all over the world. In these circumstances, medical experts around the world have been urging women on social media around the world to exercise at home, saying that by doing so, women can embrace creative changes.

European women are seen taking long deep breaths during the day to strengthen their lungs to avoid a global epidemic. Somewhere they are seen lying on the grass or on the beach to get sunlight. Medical experts have dubbed the category of women as muscle groups, distinguishing between men and women, and have warned that the group is harming their bodies while sitting at home.

Experts say that exercise is something that can be done at home without any equipment. Exercise has always been a popular choice for women active outside the home, but due to the closure of parks and gyms, women with this habit now have a pain. According to medical experts, there are some things that women need to think a little more about outside the home, the most important of which is to breathe loudly while lying upside down in open parks, which strengthens the lungs. And women can fight the corona virus safely, even if they are infected.

The first and last thing to do at home to keep the muscles alert is to just melt the extra fat. Experts have strongly advised women to try to get up and down the stairs as much as possible if they are not allowed to go out of the house. This will give them breathing exercises and they will not need any more exercise. In addition, swimming should be given priority as much as possible.Women who swim in swimming pools have been protected from the corona virus.

Of course, women should not lift weights, but it is more beneficial to do this exercise with a heavy object in hand. Young children should be made to stand on their feet, put their hands on their stomachs and get up and sit down. Furthermore, no exercise should be done on a soft object but the floor should be used. This is sure to strengthen the female limbs and increases their immunity.

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