A Virgin Atlantic air hostess has taken a job at a super store

LONDON (JT News) – Millions of people have lost their jobs due to the ongoing lockdown due to the Corona epidemic around the world. Women are facing severe economic hardships in this regard. Most airlines are paying their employees in installments instead of regular monthly salaries. A Virgin Atlantic air hostess in a similar situation has taken a job at a super store in London called Asda. Sarah, a 36-year-old air hostess who used to host guests in the air, is now dragging trolleys loaded with equipment to the ground.

Sarah is an air stewardess in the Virgin Atlantic and will continue to work on a temporary job at the supermarket until normal air services begin. I don’t know how the house will run, I don’t know how long the lockdown will last. Then I suddenly realized that I need to look at the situation in a positive light. So she got a job.She says that I am always with people. I like to work together and stay active. I am very thankful that I got a new job, and I am happy to play my part in feeding people.

Sarah is super fit in her physical appearance. Meanwhile, Sir Richard Branson, head of Virgin Atlantic, says the airline urgently needs a 500 million bailout to keep it alive, otherwise it will be difficult to pay employees and most of the workers of the airline have not been paid their full salaries yet, the same is the case of other airlines and it is the turn of starvation in the homes of the employees. The governments of the developed countries The people have been favored but the people of developing countries have been chewed up by the lockdown.

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