item girl Malaika Arora joined the set for the best dancers after 4 month

New Delhi (JT News) Bollywood’s item girl Malaika Arora has also joined the set for the best dancer of TV show India. In an Instagram post,s he spoke about her future mood. After months of lockdown and now gradually easing,the Item girl went to a set four months later.She expressed her feelings to her first day at school and said that her feelings were mixed when she left home to start work again after about four months.

Excitement, nervousness, happiness, fear and all other things did not remain the same. All the artists participating in the Zak show are taking precautionary measures to ensure safety measures. In addition to the extra efforts, it is also being prayed that everything will return to normal.

We are all starting our lives and our work again. Separate steps were taken to make the dance team comfortable. No effort was spared to ensure safety. Malaika added that after a long vacation,she felt like the first day of school. She was happy to meet all her friends.

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