Nancy loved him,but his father sexually took her.A TRUE LOVE STORY

STOCKHOLM (JT News) – A girl named Nancy loved her classmate and fianc George so much that not a moment passed without his memory. George loved Nancy so much and he always refreshed her in his memories. But he was extremely quiet. The sudden death of his mother had made him even more depressed. He was always silent and said yes to Nancy. What else did Nancy want to find such a life partner? Gone was the time that he could never be cheated on and he was not at all interested in other girls, Nancy didn’t want to lose George at all,she wanted to get married soon.

Nancy had said many times that they should get married soon. George said yes to her, but was silenced the next day when she asked him again. Nancy knew why? The father loved his son very much. He raised him as a mother after the death of George’s mother, which is why he did not want to lose him soon. He knew very well that Nancy and George would be alone after marriage. Like every married couple wants to be independent after marriage and no one should interfere in their personal life.

Then one day when she went to see George at his house, George suddenly saw her girl friend brought her straight to his bedroom. Nancy demanded that she want to meet his dad but George hesitated. Dad doesn’t like it.he replied. Nancy reassured him and ordered him to stay in his room and went alone to his father’s room. George’s father knew that Nancy had come to see his son. He greeted Nancy and then, introducing George’s philosophy of simplicity and love for him. Nancy assured George’s father that she would keep him happy in all circumstances and would never leave. ۔

George’s father took a sip of wine and asked Nancy how far she could go to get her son, to which Nancy replied that it was based on the situation, what could she do, if one of the two survives, she will make a sacrifice. If she has to donate her own blood to save George, she will give him a drop. George’s father asked her would she do that if she drank a glass of wine now? Nancy handed over the empty glass at that moment. George’s father made it strong and held it in her hand. Nancy drank in one gulp, then asked something else. ? …

George’s father said if he required to spend the night in my bed and George shouldn’t even know it. George’s father watched her in silence, then suddenly Nancy replied to yes and said when will he have to do all this? George’s father said that he loves his son so much. She swears to keep it a secret Nancy immediately rang George and requested to go out to get her favorite food pasta with cheese.Shetold him about their marriage soon.

Saying this, she forwarded the her hand set to George’s father. George’s father told his son that Nancy was right. If she could convince me. Screaming with joy,George got up immediately and rode his bicycle to the market to buy Nancy’s favorite food. Nancy knew that it would take him an hour and a half to return.After that she laid down with “dad”.Dad was so experienced.Her sighs, sobs and screams will probably never be forgotten. George and Nancy are married the next day and live in a remote place at Nancy’s request. Done. For love’s sake, Nancy never forgot that scary night.

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