Performerers said the desolation of film industry studios is coming to an end

LAHORE( jt news) Leading actress and performer Shiza Butt, who is busy in Lahore, has said that the desolation of film industry studios is coming to an end very soon, as there are a few projects that will play an important role in eradicating the desolation of the film industry. Shiza Butt said that I am working in films with live scripts as per my choice. She said that when I work in any film, I think a lot about my role, and if I like the role, then I want to work in the film. I am recruiting supporters.She added that everything I have earned so far is due to my hard work and dedication to my work and I will continue to do so in the future.

Lahore (JT News) Actress and model Farhana Maqsood said that if a woman overcomes the unknown fear inside her, then she starts to achieve success, always faces difficulties and also takes many risks during her career. In this regard, I have been successful as an artist. Achieving success is not a difficult task but maintaining the continuity of success is the most difficult. Farhana Maqsood said that she has maintained the continuity of her achievements with her hard work and has always tried to perform at her best. Farhana Maqsood said that she has represented Pakistan in fashion shows at international level as well. Which is an honor not only for me but also for Pakistan.

Lahore (JT News) Actress and model Dua Khan has said that even in showbiz, people are rewarded with good looks instead of merit, but those who make a profession with true dedication and hard work, they need success one day or another. Khan said that initially when there was no breakthrough,she decided to limit herself to compering and modeling.She said that in the past, due to poor conditions and environment in the film industry, people in the TV and fashion industry not interested in it but now good and quality films are being made and its positive results will be in front of us soon. Dua Khan said that as far as I am concerned, at present I have several film project offers which I am talking about now. I haven’t made a decision yet but I will soon be seen working on the silver screen.

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