Why do puberty girls get pimples? problem is too much thinking

LONDON (JT News) – Why do puberty girls get “pimples” on their faces? This problem has not been solved for centuries. In every age, doctors and authorities sometimes call it hormonal changes and sometimes blood fever. But a leading British newspaper has now published a report stating the real reason. After a long research, a British doctor has said that girls who reach puberty have skin complaints because they are excessive. Begin to cultivate positive or negative thinking.

Stress has a direct effect on facial expressions. If a girl is anxious, it is expressed through her face. Similarly, happiness is also expressed through facial expressions. The dermatologist further said in this regard. When he observed it in a modern scientific way, he found that the direct effects of mental stress, tension, affect the inner part of the brain which is called the spinal cord. The spinal cord plays a role in repairing the skin and removing wrinkles. Healthy spinal cord keeps the skin strong.

According to research, when girls start thinking upside down, the spinal cord is affected. In such a situation, the fat components in the skin become detached from the skin, thus forming a spot on the part of the face where the spot is formed. It spreads and becomes lifeless and there is a slight inflammation called “pimple”. This part of the skin is soon isolated. Emptying the “pimple” leaves a black spot and makes the face look ugly.

The dermatologist raised the question of how different creams and tips can fill the empty skin. On the contrary, they harm it. Unless orders come directly to the skin from the spinal cord, it is not possible to supply blood to it. Creams or tips can start to bleed. Dermatologists advise girls with “pimples” and women with wrinkles to improve their diet and keep their face as much as possible. The results will begin to show. The more germs on the face will be eliminated, the sooner it will be refreshed, but this is possible only if the mental stress is not allowed to interfere and to stop thinking too much so that the brain The restlessness of the spinal cord could be eliminated.

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