Sex Workers repeatedly appealed to the UK govt. for financial assistance but Nothing

LONDON (JT News) – Many months have passed since the lockdown due to the Corona epidemic, and now governments have relaxed the lockdown considerably, announcing the opening of schools, wedding halls and cinemas in many countries in August. However, the most affected in the last six months are showbiz people and sex workers.

In developed countries, sex workers have repeatedly appealed to governments for financial assistance, but governments have taken no notice. In the UK in particular, when the government began considering sex workers’ requests for financial assistance, a large number of people opposed it, saying that giving their tax money to sex workers was not the right move.

People from different walks of life in the United States and the United Kingdom have been funded by the government and continue to do so, but sex workers have starved to death. Sex workers say their married clients have been quarantined in their homes. However, because their wives and children are at home,they have gone into hiding or is trapped, which has ruined sex business.

The sex workers have again called on the British government to set aside their share of government aid. According to the sex workers, the easing of the lockdown has signaled the possibility of a boom in their business, but in reality the opposite has happened. They are not turning in this direction out of fear. One of the sex chat hosts said that most of her married clients are now hidden and not available on the web, which has brought the business to a standstill and she desperately deserves financial support.

Another sex worker said many of her clients are unmarried. Lockdown forces many single clients to stay with their parent.That is why they have given up chatting and sex on the web to save face. According to the report, millions of families in the UK live on the income from sex work. It should be noted that the British government had expelled the sex workers from the financial aid box for fear of the taxpayers due to the strong reaction of the people. According to the government, the majority of the people would not like the fact that sex workers are paid from their earnings.

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