women do not know what kind of underwear they should buy to suit their body

Paris (JT News) According to a report in a well-known fashion magazine, what women need most in the world is underwear products and its choice. According to the magazine, more than 80% of women around the world do not even know what kind of underwear they should buy to suit their body. According to fashion experts, ladies’ underwear is the backbone of the body’s beauty, especially women working in offices should choose the right underwear for the quiet performance of their affairs. Is divided into


That is, the hips are slightly upwards and only heart-shaped underwear is suitable for these hips.


The shape of these hips is somewhat square and the body is a bit fat type. Women with such a structure should buy underwear that is more wide at the bottom and beaded.


In them, the protrusion of the hips is more towards the outside. Women with hips of such structure should never buy those underwear which is in the shape of Jovi, but the spread of the underwear should be more.


The structure of these hips is not as wide as they appear, women with hips of this structure should buy the underwear in the middle of which narrow. Neither more nor less.


These hips are similar to men’s hips, only men’s underwear is suitable for hips with such a structure.

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