Renee Gracie,supercar racer, goodbye her profession joined sexy adult site

Australia (JT News) Renee Gracie, the first female driver of a supercar race, has said goodbye to the car race profession and started showing off her body on a sexy adult site. In this regard, Renee Gracie says that There was no money in the race so she decided her luck on the sexy adult site and by doing so Renee earned 18,000 dollars in just one week. Renee said goodbye to racing forever.She also has the distinction of being the first racing woman to ride a car. Renee says she has no regrets about leaving her motor racing career to sell sexually explicit material online. Renee, 25, says she made very little money in the field of car racing.

The financial benefits of her new career have made it all worthwhile. She told the Australian Daily Telegraph that adult websites have put her in an economic position she never dreamed of. And she really enjoyed it. On one occasion, Renee Gracie said that anyone who wants to call her is sincere with her and I try to entertain her. Now everything is fine. Now I am earning a good amount of money and where I am. Everyone agrees with me.

Gracie said she just lost interest in racing. Renee Gracie is the first Australian woman to take part in her super car. She now earns her living by making pornographic videos. She is thinking of buying a property and paying in full within a year and is doing a lot to make money on the site. Gracie first started her career with nude photos but in her first week about 71,700. After earning a dollar, she quickly moved on to sharing sex videos.

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