Charlotte Dawson revealed, expecting her first child,love affair

Manchester (JT News) Charlotte Dawson has revealed that she is expecting her first child as a result of her love affair with boyfriend Matthew Sarsfield. Comedian Lace’s daughter, 27-year-old Selbes, says she will give birth by the end of the year and this will be her first child. Charlotte Dawson has been living with former rugby star Matt Sars since last year Pictures surfaced on Christmas Eve. The woman explained to the rugby star that it was a shock, we had no plans.

Charlotte made the revelation after a tumultuous year. That said, it feels like the right time. According to Charlotte, the future of life was planned in order to overcome the problems in our relationships and to try to strengthen this relationship. Now the trouble has left them behind. “We are both ready for this next chapter,” she said. We’ve got a house and we’ve been together for four years.

That sounds right. Charlotte was shot for fame on MTV’s reality show X on the Beach in 2016, ending with Jordi Shore’s Gage Bedel. Appeared on the syllabus. He worked with co-star Frankie Cocoza on the show, but soon broke up.

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