Lesbian scene on CBBC between actresses Molly 18, and Dani is being complained

LONDON (JT News) – The CBBC drama The Next City has received more than 100 complaints from viewers so far following the alleged girls’ kiss scene, and the scene has sparked a new debate. That way it will have a very negative effect on young girls. Complainants described the girl’s kiss to each other as extremely embarrassing, while others called it against civilized society. They were aired in July. The CBBC show Next City has aired sex scenes for the first time. The drama shows Jude, who plays Molly, being pulled closer while she was in the studio.

The CBBC confirmed in an online statement that the institute had received complaints about a story that sought to promote homo sexuality. It is said that the broadcaster responds to a complaint online when it has received more than 100 complaints. A statement issued by the broadcaster states that the number of complainants has exceeded 100. There are at least 100 messages of outrage on the homosexual scene, the institute said.

The agency’s statement added that the decision to include the moment in Series 7 as part of a longer narrative, which sees the development of a romantic relationship between the two characters, Jude and Cleo, was taken with great care and consideration. Taken from and followed by the CBBC’s approval. This series can and should do more to reflect the lives of young people. An important part of our mission is to make sure every child feels the way he or she wants to be. The CBBC regularly airs dramas about conflicting young people who love dating, love and kiss. An important way to show children is how respectful, gentle and loving they are.

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