NHS experts warned that women are most at risk for having a pet style

LONDON (JT News) – An official report from the NHS says 18 cases have been reported in British hospitals over the past year, with women and men experiencing severe strain on the inside of the navel and severe pain. As a result of sexual intercourse with women, both forced their partners to have sex in a way that is typical of a pet.

In the official annual report of the NHS, medical experts have warned that women are most at risk for having a pet style. Medical experts have named that style as the most dangerous sexual position for women. Medical researchers have revealed that this extremely dangerous sexual position has led to the hospitalization of those who love to adopt it.

According to the report, a young man in Britain was told that his navel was badly distorted. The young man’s sensitive part was in a situation where such a hard object had been accidentally thrown violently and had suffered a serious fracture. NHS figures show that in 2019, hospital staff treated 18 cases that seemed impossible to see.

According to the authoritative opinion of the doctors that this danger occurs during the most intense sexual intercourse when the opposite party suddenly moves downwards. Such incidents are also common in the United States. According to the report, a case came to light which Husband tried to have sex with his wife while flying in the air.

During this time, he suffered irreparable damage due to shock and high speed. There have also been cases in Brazil in which men found it extremely expensive to have sex with pets in such a way. The condition was described as “extremely dangerous and painful” by medical researchers after questioning 90 affected men and women.

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