A 22-year-old girl fined 120 pound for feeding pigeons in manchester

Manchester (JT News) A 22-year-old girl has been fined 120 pound for feeding pigeons. Twenty-two-year-old Kerris Fann said she fed a small group of birds in the garden in downtown Manchester and broke the last part of the pastry into pieces and started feeding the pigeons without any problem. However, it was very painful to fine her because she loved pigeons.

The Metropolitan Police fined the girl 120 pound for feeding birds in violation of SOPs during the Corona epidemic, much to her surprise. She told that , she stopped for breakfast in a cafe, pigeons gathered around her,it was becoming very common. The girl said that she was enjoying a Gregg’s sausage roll on this occasion. I distributed it and started feeding the pigeons, for which the police fined her In the crime of spreading filth, that is an injustice.

She added that she likes animals as long as she is a vegetarian. A small herd of pigeons approached her. It was not a herd. Although the dirt did not spread and the pigeons ate all the pieces.Kerris Faan works as a customer support for a marketing company.

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