British women welcomed the wearing of masks as a part of fashion

LONDON (JT News) – Lockdowns are being phased out in several countries, including the British government, with the presence of SOPs. The majority of women have welcomed the wearing of masks as a part of fashion matching clothes. Cinemas, community centers, parks have been set up by the governments of different countries after the implementation of new government rules.Everyone who goes to the salons must wear a mask. Not wearing a mask has been banned from entering public places.

Shops and public transport are the largest public gatherings. In developed countries, people will get distance four to six feet, while in developing countries, due to overpopulation and space constraints, people will wear only masks while other Implementations seem impossible.

Public transport owners have also announced an increase in fares on government terms to accommodate fewer passengers, which the majority of women have expressed disapproval of. According to women, they travel 50% less than men. Growth could severely affect their budget. Under the new rules, women or girls will now be seen wearing masks in the streets of the UK. It is also possible that covering the face will now become part of the permanent fashion for british women.

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