Mahika Bajaj’s hinna’s celebrations went viral on social media

New Delhi (jt news) Maheeka Bajaj’s ”Hinna” celebrations surprised viewers. Those who saw the colorful pictures of Mahika were shocked. The hinna ceremony has convinced people that the two will tie the knot in Hyderabad on Saturday. Pictures of the first function of their wedding ceremony have been posted on social media.

On Friday, Maheeka shared with the public the pictures of her lying beautiful Hinna on her arms. In these photos, the bride is wearing very precious gold ornaments while the traditional lehenga is also worth hundred and thousands, bride wore.Especially for the occasion of Menhdi Maheeka looks very innocent and lovely in her pink dress. Her heavy gold earrings added her beauty to more.

Maheeka also shared photos with her fans in different poses. Just two days before the wedding, photos of south star Rana Dagu Batti and Mahika Bajaj’s henna celebrations went viral on social media. Sharing a happy photo of himself and Mehika on the occasion, Rana Dago Batti wrote on Instagram that life moves forward with smiles, thank you. The pictures show the groom wearing a karta dhoti while the bride is enjoying herself in a light yellow and green dress.

Mahika Bajaj was born and raised in Hyderabad and received her early education. She is the founder of the event management firm Do Drop Design Studio. Mehika also studied designing at Chelsea University in London.

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