For the first time, six women appointed to a top post in the Vatican City

Vatican City.The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has nominated six women to the Vatican’s oversight committee. This is the first time that a woman has been nominated for a senior position in the Vatican. The nominees will serve on the 15-member Vatican Council for the Economy. In 2014, Pope Francis appointed the committee to an international group.It was established as the committee’s job is to oversee the Vatican’s finances and formulate fiscal policy.

According to media reports, the deployment of so many new women is one of Pope Francis’ latest steps, aimed at correcting the imbalance in gender equality at the Vatican. The Vatican has nominated women as director of museums and deputy head of the Vatican’s press office. The six women on the Vatican’s Finance Council have backgrounds in business, banking, politics, and the world of science and education, and they are from Britain, Spain and Germany.

Appointments are the highest number of female appointments at any given time. The new nominees include Leslie Jean Ferrer, former treasurer of Prince Charles from 2005 to 2017, who now holds a number of non-executive and trustee positions, while Ruth Kelly, former UK Minister for Transport and former Minister. The council is currently facing severe economic pressures due to the global coronavirus epidemic. The Vatican is struggling to make ends meet. Prior to the announcement, only men were on the council. Now these six women have joined the non-church members.

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