supermodel Amna Sheikh got 2nd marriage ,her posts revealed

Lahore(jt news) Actress and supermodel Amna Sheikh has been rumored to be getting married for the past two days. The rumors about the actress’ second marriage started when the actress shared vague posts on her Instagram on August 8. The actress shared a series of vague posts on August 8, one of which showed her wearing rings. After posting the photos, he was greeted by fans and showbiz personalities.

Amna Sheikh did not specify in the vague post who owns the rings. However, several showbiz personalities had expressed good wishes for the actress’ second marriage. However, Amna Sheikh did not issue any explanation and On August 9, she once again shared several vague photos and posts on her Instagram account, after which several showbiz personalities once again congratulated her. Amna Sheikh on August 9 with a man in white. He shared 2 photos of himself in a cheerful mood, but he did not give any caption of the photos. In one photo, his daughter can be seen with him. In the photo, his daughter’s face is hidden in the lap of the actress Is.

Religious verses were shared by the actress, which made her fans think that the actress has started a new life. The actress has also shared a post about family in English. There is no explanation for the second marriage. Most of the fans think that the actress has chosen someone from outside the industry as her new partner, because if she had married Showbiz then the actress Showbiz personalities who congratulated her also congratulated her husband.

Amna Sheikh was first married to actor and filmmaker Mohib Mirza in 2005 and they had a daughter in 2015. It was only after the birth of the daughter that news of differences between Mohib Mirza and Amna Sheikh came to light and for many years they In October 2019, after a long debate, Mohib Mirza confirmed his separation from Amna Sheikh in a TV interview.

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