Knowing what the glasy girl did, everyone called it very rude

MANCHESTER (JT News) – A 29-year-old Glassy girl from Greater Manchester was saved from going to jail by her mother, although what she did to her mother should have been punished, but the victim’s mother forgave her. Once again, she provided an opportunity to correct hier mistakes. Knowing what the glasy girl did, everyone called it very rude.

the mother and daughter together

Jade Rhodes, 29, who spent the day drinking beer cans, was reportedly intoxicated, first hanging out on the street with her friends and then smashing the glass of the pub. She hit on her mom’s face a glass near her eye, she seriously injured and she had to be taken to the hospital where doctors had to put stitches on her eye and cheek. Police reached the spot and arrested the girl.

In court, the girl’s mother testified against her and forgave her, prompting the judge to order her release. When police arrested the glassy girl and she regained consciousness, she said she did not remember what crime she had committed. Jade, from Whitefield, made it clear that she could barely remember what happened that night. Officers also questioned Jade’s mother, but she forgave her daughter. Jade was still jailed for two months. Her 12-month sentence was suspended.

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