Rowena Tandon told about Bollywood industry and sexual exploitation of women

Mumbai ( jt news) Former famous Indian actress Rowena Tandon has made a horrible revelation about the internal environment of Bollywood industry and sexual exploitation of women. Rowena Tandon says that Bollywood has been under the influence of men from the beginning but I have never fulfilled the aspirations of male actors while playing the lead role. It is no longer possible to deny the prevailing kinship in Bollywood as many actors have spoken openly on this issue.

According to the media, actress Rowena Tandon said in an interview that in her heyday in the 90’s, when I refused to play a role in films, I was called arrogant, but in reality it was not so. “I have had no godfather in the industry and I have not been part of any camp so I was not promoted by any actor,” she said. That’s why I was called arrogant.” Because I didn’t do what the male actors wanted. They always desired me to sit with him and spend time with him, that is, I did not fulfill any desire of male actors to get roles in films.

Rowena Tandon said that instead of supporting me in this matter, female journalists remained puppets of these male actors and articles were written against me only because the ego of many male actors was hurt because of me. The thing is that women journalists used to do the same not only with me but also with other actors.

Earlier, actress Kangana Ranaut had also termed Bollywood as under the influence of male actors and she has spoken openly on other issues in Bollywood, including nepotism. In addition, Kangana remarked about the suicide of Shant Singh. Instead of declaring it a murder, she said that the film mafia had broken his brain by dripping as planned and forcing him to die. Kangana’s statement was slammed by her fellow actors and top directors.

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