Jacqueline Fernandez is now 35 congratulated on her birthday

New Delhi (JT News) Fans of Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who is famous for her role in the Bollywood film Kick, has been congratulated on her birthday. ”Hasina” has turned 35 on Tuesday. To make her day more beautiful, actor Salman Khan shared a beautiful birthday post on social media. Salman Khan and Jacqueline have worked together on several projects.

Both will reappear for the new film Kick2 now. Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan shared a picture of himself and the actress with a hearty laugh and wrote Happy Birthday. The actress in the post looks beautiful in a black dress. In the photo, Salman Khan is wearing a blue T-shirt and he is looking very happy. On the occasion of Jacqueline Fernandez’s birthday, filmmaker Sajid announced Kick 2 as a birthday present for the actress. Sajid’s wife Warda has shared such news on social media and captioned that this is your birthday gift that will be remembered forever.

According to the filmmaker, the script of the film has been completed which has been locked. According to the caption of the post, an extraordinary character has been written for Jacqueline Fernandez. Jacqueline Fernandez is happy with the official announcement of Kick Two. Earlier, during the nationwide lockdown, Jacqueline Fernandez was staying with Salman Khan in her farmhouse.During that period both played a music video for “Tere Bana”. Salman and Jacqueline have also worked together in the 2018 film Race 3.

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