How to keep close eye on the husbands or boyfriends, women should know it

NEW YORK ( Jt News) – Former glamor girl Katie has revealed on her YouTube channel how she can not keep an eye on her husband’s or partner’s relationship, but also lie on the spot. Katie briefed the girls on their amazing abilities and asked them to keep a close eye on their husbands or boyfriends’ mobile phones.

If he carries a cell phone with him when he goes to the bathroom, it means that there is something wrong somewhere that he does not want to express. Katie tells the girls in her video how love during this time, they approach the husband and make some angles of the body so that the partner’s face is hidden and he remains in a state of fun. During this process, his mobile phone messages can be easily forwarded with one hand.

In addition, the girls should immediately check the mobile phone of the husband as soon as he is on her right and left and check his call data, which can provide significant information. It can also be detected by inspection. This includes searching the dashboard, checking the scent of perfume in the car to see if it is ladies, taking note of the readings from the car meter or looking around for any known signs.

A woman in the car has been given a lift.Katie gives positive hints to her fans in the videos on how to handle himself when he is suspected of cheating. Why is he sending these messages? If he refuses to tell, understand that there must be something wrong.

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