Aiza Khan has added another life as a family member, it is Dog

Karachi (JT News) Pakistani actress Aiza Khan’s family has added another life. Aiza Khan has recognized the pet dog as a member of her family. Why don’t people keep pets before fame and money come? Users on social media have strongly criticized the actress for posting pictures with her dog. It has been reported that the family of actress Aiza Khan has added a tiny dog ​​’Milan’.

Aiza Khan shared some photos on Instagram in which she is sitting on her lap for a pet dog with a smile on her face. At the same time, he wrote in the caption that the name of our new family member is ‘Milan’. Some of her fans expressed happiness over the pictures of Aiza with her pet. In his comment, actor Imran Abbas made a heart emoji and said that Milan is very sweet. Actress Ayesha Omar was also impressed by the beauty of the dog and wrote that Milan is very sweet. Is innocent

One of the fans of the actress could not live without criticism. Aqsa Malik expressed her anger and wrote that the angel of mercy does not come to the house where there is a dog. Another woman criticized and said that as soon as fame and money come, people also get pets. Why don’t they have any animals? It’s all cheap fame and a crude attempt to adapt itself to modernity.

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