Alexandra Daddario uploaded a video to advertise the famous bikini company in Lockdown

LOS ANGELES (JT News) – Boldwatch serial’s bold actress Alexandra Daddario has uploaded her video on YouTube to advertise the famous bikini-making company for business in Corona Lockdown. She was found bathing in a bikini in a private pool.

She uploaded an 8-minute video on her YouTube channel in which she and her friends kept jumping into the pool water. Inviting fans to come to her because she knew they were unaware of her presence. In her video, Alexandra wore a new style of semi-nude bikini, which was actually to promote the company.

The 34-year-old Baywatch actress has found a new hobby while living apart from her roommates Kate and Morgan. The beautiful blue-eyed star looks happy to share an eight-minute long clip in the pool. Apparently, his first video contained a question-and-answer session with the audience. He revealed interesting facts that his favorite actor is Steve Martin, and that he has read George Orwell.

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