Iqra Aziz revealed the secret of getting married soon with Yasir

Lahore ( Jt news) Iqra Aziz, who tied the knot in December last year, has revealed the secret of getting married soon after 9 months of marriage, saying that she got married to Yasir Hussain early for some special reasons. Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz were married on December 28, 2019 and they got engaged during the Lux Style Awards show in Karachi on July 2019.

Yasir Hussain had offered engagement to Iqra Aziz during the show. The actress later admitted that they had kissed each other in front of the camera during the show which was criticized. The couple got married in Karachi a few months after the engagement and now, in response to a question about getting married early, the actress explained why she hurried to get married. In an interview given to actress Effat Omar, Iqra Aziz asked about getting married to Yasir Hussain soon.

She replied that in fact when the relationship between the two was established, people were talking in various ways and they were being asked questions. According to Iqra Aziz,she was afraid of people. She used to ask questions about dating and meetings, which she was fed up with, and when she had already decided to marry Yasir Hussain, she hurried to get married. I used to get ridiculed at pre-wedding meetings and they got married early to get rid of such things.

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