Attempt to kidnap famous WWE female wrestler Sonia Devil

The arrested 24-year-old accused Philip had been planning the incident for the last 8 months

Florida (Jt News Women) A man who broke into the home of famous WWE star Sonia Deol and tried to kidnap her has been caught, police say, adding that the accused likes the woman.


According to the details, the fan who reached his house to kidnap the WWE star female wrestler was arrested by the police in a timely manner. Philip A, 24, is a big fan of the female wrestler. A Lotus Fla. Citizen has been arrested for trespassing on a house belonging to Sonia Deol. Philip A., 24, has been planning the kidnapping for the past eight months.

He had been following the female wrestler on social media for a long time. According to police, Philip broke into Sonia’s house in the middle of the night. After hearing the voice, the people in the house grabbed Philip and handed him over to the police.

In this regard, the police say that Philip was crazy behind Sonia, he used to follow her on social media, the police guessed from his Twitter account that he liked the WWE star a lot.

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