Christiaan Freeland appointed Canada’s first female finance minister

Toronto (Jt News Women) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has named his close ally and deputy Christiaan Freeland as the country’s new finance minister, making her Canada’s first female finance minister, according to media reports.

The 52-year-old Freeland journalist, a former foreign minister, resigned yesterday after disagreements with the Trudeau government over spending on the corona virus. He was named Canada’s finance minister a day after Bill Moreno resigned. She will continue to carry out her duties as Deputy Prime Minister.

The biggest challenge facing Freeland is to revive the country’s ailing economy due to Code 19, which has risen to 253.4 during the current financial year. The deficit is estimated at 1 billion. This is said to be the biggest loss since World War II.

The new finance minister, Freeland, said the corona virus is still present among us. This is a once-in-a-lifetime challenge for the entire country. We will do everything we can to help Canadian citizens.

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