Black Magic & Women’s Hair

It has been revealed that women’s hair transplants are being sold in different parts of the country. Recently, I came to know through my relatives that there is a group active in my hometown who is buying women’s scalp hair at very high prices, while many others have given such hair to the members of this gang from the rubbish heaps. I have also seen women collecting garbage.

These people buy scalp hair on the grounds that it is used for organ transplants, but a few days ago, a popular newspaper in the country revealed that the hair of women who comb their hair. They are broken, they are bought by black magicians through their agents because black hair is used on women’s hair for infertility, domestic infidelity, failure in love, breaking business deficits and harming others. Thus, buying and selling hair through beauty parlors and junkies has become a lucrative business.

Magic is an art of unnatural phenomena, while black magic is a successful practice of using evil spirits or demons to harm someone unjustly. Magic is real and its strange effects are manifested in a person who is bewitched. A person who is afflicted with black magic goes home in severe delusions, in some cases he is very ill and there is no cure even with medical treatment, but it is right to give him spiritual treatment.

Some items are easily available to practitioners for black knowledge such as black goat’s head, eggs, goat’s liver, etc. but human bones, women’s hair that is broken while combing the head and to get a piece of the shroud of the dead. For this, the agents have to work hard. In order to buy women’s hair, where the merchants of these agents are present, there are mercenary gravediggers hired to obtain human bones and a piece of shroud from the newly buried corpses. But the hands of these agents get involved in the business of selling.

Until a few years ago, the old women of the house considered it a bad omen to throw their hair and cut nails in public. Therefore, they strongly insisted that instead of throwing their hair and nails in a suitable place. Should be buried In the past, the words of the elders were very influential and even the butchers used to clean the meat from the big bone and break it by throwing it before throwing it away.

When they are asked why you clean the flesh from the bone and break it and throw it away, the answer is that it is the tradition of the ancestors that the fixed bone is used by those who perform black magic, but in the present age Not noticed at all. That is why due to the negligence of women, their hair reaches the piles of garbage and falls into the hands of such enemies of humanity who are called followers of Satan.

How sad it is that when these hairs fall into the hands of prostitutes due to the unconsciousness of a woman, how many innocent human beings will be tormented by using these hairs and of course it will affect those women as well. There will be those whose hair is used in this evil work.


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