Black Magic & Women’s Hair , What Says Islam about it

In Islam, magic is forbidden and those who learn and teach it are both hellish because it turns the servant away from the commands of Allah and His Messenger. Since the basis of magic is filth, in order to learn it, one must first sell one’s faith and then do whatever it takes to get the servant lost in the darkness of sin.

There is no doubt that magic is a great reality but it is the enemy of man. Its bite is very dangerous but its effect can be eliminated through Quranic teachings. The reality of magic is also present in the Qur’an in the case of Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh, while the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) was also bewitched and its effect was also manifested.

According to the narration of Bukhari, the Holy Prophet (saws) fell prey to the highest kind of magic. At that time Gabriel came with two mu’awzaatins and said that a Jew had cast a spell on him and that the spell was in a well. The Prophet (peace be upon him) called him. There were eleven knots lying inside and there was a thin layer of wax in which the needles were stuck.

According to Gabriel, if you read the Mu’awzatin, the knot would open and the needle would come out. By the end of the day, all the knots were loosened and the needles came out, and you were right as if someone were free from the shackles.


The last two surahs of the Qur’an, Surat al-Nas and Surat al-Falaq, are collectively called the Mu’awzatin. And are written under different names in the Mushaf, but there is such a deep connection between them and their subjects are so closely related to each other that they have a common name Mu’awzatin (Suras seeking refuge).


Imam Bayhaqi (may Allah have mercy on him) has written in the evidence of prophethood that these revelations have also taken place at the same time. That is why the combined name of both is Mu’awzatin. Both of these suras are actually prayers to seek refuge in God from magic and some other evils. There is nothing better than reading them with conviction. Scholars also agree that if someone is bewitched, he can recite these two Surahs himself and seek treatment from a practicing Muslim scholar.


Magic is a deception, open polytheism and an easy and quick way to get your illegitimate desires through evil deeds. By following this path, man loses both religion and the world. In the present era, people have made it a means of making money.

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