Crystal Nelson admitted she cried a lot after the separation

Hollywood (JT News) Hollywood star Randon has confirmed that he has divorced his wife and famous superstar Crystal Nelson, while Crystal Nelson even admitted that she cried a lot after the separation. Paradise star Chris Randon and Crystal Nelson are both 32 years old. Both of them have recently completed the paperwork for divorce. In an interview published on August 20, Crystal Nelson said that their love affair has broken down.

Crystal said that it is obvious that a loving relationship turns into a divorce.Still, Chris had his moments of weakness after he and Krystal announced their split in Feb. 2020. “I definitely had a lot of crying moments during this pandemic, but you know, what’s crazy is I think the pandemic helped me process the divorce.It legitimately helped me understand myself, helped me understand the pain, the grief,” Chris said, since he couldn’t go out and “get drunk” as a coping mechanism, or be “distracted with the outside world.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Krystal’s rep for comment.

Crystal said she has no regrets when it comes to her romantic moments with her husband.She said that now is not the time for relationships. I feel that there was no power in my relationship, maybe that’s why I gave it up. Now I am making sure to change my priorities in the future. It’s been 8 months since Chris and Crystal got married in Mexico. The separation has taken fans by surprise. Arrived at where we both need to work on ourselves. We are still good friends who know each other very well.

However, the following month, Chris tweeted “I miss my wife” while tuning into The Bachelor. Now that Chris has been a bachelor for a few months, it looks like his mindset has shifted. He met Krystal on Season 5 of BiP, and they left the show engaged. Chris and Krystal will become the first Bachelor Nation couple to get divorced.

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