Savannah Chrisley going into the hospital for a third surgery

Newyork( jt news) Savannah Chrisley bravely told her lovers on Instagram about the third surgery.She had for a cyst that affected her ‘uterus, ovaries, bladder, and surrounding areas.Savannah Chrisley is one courageous young woman. The Growing Up Chrisley star, 23, took to Instagram on August 20 and gave her adoring fans an update on her health after revealing that she was going into the hospital for a third surgery amid her struggle with endometriosis.

A huge cyst doctors had to remove,” Savannah began the caption to her post, which featured her sitting in a hospital bed with her physician post-surgery.Found endo in / on my uterus, ovaries, bladder, and surrounding areas. So Dr. Sinervo removed that along with a good bit of scar tissue. He also cut some nerves to help with pain,” she described. Savannah went on to share that she stayed in the hospital overnight before heading back to her hotel and revealed that she was finally able to go home on August 20.

She said, I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve cried,” she candidly shared. Savannah also thanked the doctors who ensured her safety and wellbeing throughout the extensive procedure with total gratitude, writing, “Dr. Sinervo and Dr. Winer are truly gifts from God. Dr. Sinervo asked to pray with me before surgery and then they both held my hands until I was put to sleep.At the end of her message, Savannah added the hashtag “endo warrior,” proving that she has been such a fighter since her diagnosis at the age of 18.

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