19 years old girl committed suicide afraid of losing her freedom during lockdown

London (jt news) 19 years old young girl afraid of losing her freedom during the coronavirus lockdown so she hanged herself.Emily Owen always wished her bright future but deu to corona lock down she was so worry and distress about the circumstances.She took her own life after suffering anxiety and depression over the coronavirus pandemic.According to the East Anglia News Service the teen struggled with the idea of losing her independence.The teen feared the coronavirus lockdown would stop her from being able to work and go out.

Norfolk coroner’s court in Norwich heard how her family had decided to self-isolate in the days before her death as one of her sisters had a cough and fever.Tragically, the young woman was found by her mother and sister at their family home in Shouldham.Her father Timothy Owen said his daughter had previously struggled with mental health difficulties and had been diagnosed with autism in 2018.But he said the family had been preparing to move to Cornwall, with Emily looking forward to the fresh start.

He told”She was really excited and looking for a fresh start. Life was really good and the future was looking better for everyone.The straw that broke the camel’s back was the restrictions.The young woman had been looking forward to the future. He said Emily had wanted to go for a drive on the morning of her death but was told she couldn’t as her sister had a cough and the family were isolating.The dad said: “She was concerned she was going to lose her freedom and independence, not being able to go to work and the gym or drive and get out.

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