Paris :Love for a Christian boy, A Muslim family cut off the hair of daughter 17 and tortured

Paris ( Jt news) – A Muslim family cut off the hair of their 17-year-old daughter and tortured her for breaking a rib, leaving her with severe bruises on her face as a result of her love for a Christian boy. French Interior Minister Gerald Daramanin strongly condemned the incident and called it unfortunate. It is reported that a 17-year-old girl from a Bosnian Muslim family living in France had fallen in love with a 20-year-old Christian boy of Serbian descent.

The girl was severely injured and one of her ribs was broken due to the violence. The girl was beaten by her mother, father, uncle and aunt. “I am deeply saddened by this incident.French Interior Minister Gerald said that I am very sorry for the way the girl was tortured and this is a very reprehensible incident. This incident of violence took place in the eastern French town of Besincan. It has been hinted that those responsible for this act of violence against the girl child will be punished severely. The Muslim girl and the Christian boy lived in the same building.

The girl had just returned from Bosnia and had been having an affair with a Christian boy for the past several months. Deputy Prosecutor Margaret Parretti told French media that the two families knew each other. The girl’s family strongly opposed him and said that the boy is a Christian and it is impossible that they are Muslims and cannot marry a Christian. The girl’s parents, aunts and uncles are Muslims from Bosnia. Are of origin Police took the boy into custody and, after questioning,released him under judicial control.According to the prosecutor, the girl was first taken to a separate room by her mother and beaten, while her uncle and brother cut off the hair .

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