Zhalay Sarhadi clarified the statement about Turkish actress “Halima Sultan”

Lahore ( Jt news) Actress Zhalay Sarhadi has clarified after the criticism on social media for making a statement about Turkish actress Halima Sultan. The actress says that the statement I made was to make the Turkish actress an ambassador of local brands is a slap in the face actually criticizing ourselves. Unfortunately, the opposite meaning of this statement was taken.

A few days ago, a video clip of Zhalay Sarhadi went viral on social media in which she opposed the appointment of Turkish actress Isra Beljik (Halima Sultana) as an ambassador of Pakistani brands, saying that instead of Pakistani actresses, foreign actresses are appointed an ambassador is a slap in the face.

“Why do you bring in foreign artists to promote your products?” said Zhalay Sarhadi. Why don’t you work with local artists? What are the people here afraid of? The borderline on social media was heavily criticized for making this statement after that she had to explain her statement.

“I recently gave an interview in which I said that we have a slap in the face if we make an outsider an ambassador for our country’s brands,” Zhalay Sarhadi explained on her YouTube channel. “My statement was made a headline and the same headline went viral, but no one listened to me. Why did I say that?”

Explaining the slapping statement, Xale Sarhadi said, “We do not give preference to our artists and we give preference to foreign artists and their plays, even though these people are already known all over the world.” Of course, the people also like them. Therefore, I did not criticize foreign artists, but criticized myself, but my words were misinterpreted and made viral, which is contrary to my statement.

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