In Africa child marriage and female genital mutilation need to stop

NEW YORK ( Jt news) – The United Nations has stressed the need to step up efforts against issues such as child marriage and female genital mutilation. According to a foreign news agency, the new World Population Report states that 20 3.4 billion needs to be spent annually for the goal of their complete elimination by 2030.

According to Natalia Kenam, head of the United Nations World Population Fund, girls are particularly at risk from the Corona epidemic, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to continue their education. He has also advocated for the promotion of programs to help girls complete their education, at least until graduation, rather than early marriage.

On the other hand, the incidence of female circumcision in African countries has not decreased. Death also occurs due to weakened immune system.

In addition, many African girls have to go through the painful process of breast augmentation. According to medical experts, the growth of women’s delicate organs in Africa is a hereditary disease. Baking has a very negative effect on their health.

Harassment does not go away for years. Numerous African girls fall victim to this traumatic process at an early age, which not only destroys their sexuality but also makes it difficult to breastfeed after marriage. Countless girls who undergo circumcision end up becoming professional sex slaves instead of leading a normal life.

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